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How do I know if I or my loved one needs home care?

There are many reasons to choose home care and the choice of the agency you use is yours to make. Home care can make it possible for many patients to remain in their own homes. If you or your loved one has experienced any of the following, you may qualify for home care services:
  • A chronic, progressive disease
  • Recent changes in medical condition 
  • Change in medication 
  • A recent history of falls or declining physical condition 
  • A wound that requires a nurse to dress and monitor 
  • A new ostomy 
  • Having difficulty understanding medications or disease processes 
  • Having been recently discharged from the hospital or nursing home 
  • You require I.V.'s or injections
Are home care services covered by insurance? 

Home care services are covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid, and some private insurance. 

Are their qualifications to receive home care? 

To receive home care services, your physician must order home care services for you. The Area Home Care staff will work closely with your physician to establish your individualized plan of care. To qualify for services under Medicare, you must be considered homebound. This does not mean you may never leave your home. It does mean that you require the assistance of another adult or assistive device, it takes considerable and taxing effort to leave the home, and absences from the home are infrequent and of short duration. 
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